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M&A Masters – The Key to M&A Success

by | April 24, 2023 | Podcasts

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Joseph Durnford | The Key to M&A Success | M&A Masters with Patrick Stroth from Merit Investment Bank on Vimeo.

The real key to a successful M&A transaction is understanding the reasons why the transaction should occur and understanding how to properly position a company to identify the best solution. It is important to position clients to maximize value.

Business owners who choose to sell their business usually sell for a few reasons. One, they run out of capital. Whether human capital or financial capital, they may not have the resources, and seek to find a solution that will allow the company to prosper. The second being they may run out of time, reaching a point in life where they can no longer run the company, and the third being that they lose interest and want to focus on another idea or adventure.

Merit Investment Bank looks for situations where we can find the angle for the client. We look for situations where we can differentiate them in the marketplace, so that they win.

If you want to speak with Joe about preparing your business to sell, contact him on LinkedIn or book a Discovery Call.

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